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7 Planting Tips

walkway along landscaped bed with boxwoods
Landscaped bed with walkway

When you are walking through your local nursery this spring and you see an annual, perennial, shrub or tree that catches your eye think about where you will plant it in your garden. Often times people will purchase a plant and install it in an area where it isn’t setup for success due to a variety of reasons. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself when deciding where to install your new plant.

1. How much sunlight does the area get?

How many hours per day?

Morning sun vs. Afternoon sun (Afternoon sun is more intense)

2. How much rain does the area typically get?

Does a structure shield rainfall from getting to the area?

Does the area get more water than others because of a nearby downspout?

4. How much wind does the area get?

It's important to know this especially in the winter months when winds can be brutally cold.

5. Soil type?

What is the pH level?

6. What planting zone?

Central Kentucky is zone 6

7. Eventual size of plant?

Will this plant cover up my windows or take over my sidewalk/ patio in several years?

Hopefully the above items will guide you to finding the perfect spot for your new plant.

Happy Planting!

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