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Fall Planting in the Bluegrass

It's Fall Y'all! I know Fall can be a busy time of year. School starts,

Kentucky football, basketball, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seems to roll around faster with each passing year.

With everything going on, don’t forget that fall is an ideal time for planting in your garden. Cooler temperatures and consistent rainfall make it a great time for plants to start their journey in your yard. There are many reasons planting in the fall is ideal. Planting several weeks before the first freeze gives the plant time to establish a solid root system. An established root system will allow the plant to become hardy and tolerate hot or dry summer conditions.

Remember that just because the weather is starting to cool off, doesn’t mean you can slack off when watering your plants. Water your plants thoroughly to help create soil to root contact. Once you have planted your tree or shrub be sure to apply mulch to help insulate the plant for the upcoming winter.

As fall approaches we will start to see less insects. This is good news for planting because pest threats are minimized, as well as, disease. One nice convenience factor for fall planting is the temperature. Cooler temperatures typically make planting a lot easier when digging a hole, planting, and mulching versus the hot, dry summer soil.

One more note regarding fall planting; All of the above tips work the same for transplanting. If you have the urge to move some plants in your garden, fall is the perfect time!

freshly mowed, green field

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